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Version - Earn Money 3.8

Earn extra Money Just for installing this App on your Android Mobile Device!

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Bazuc is a free Android app that will allow you to earn extra money every day by selling us your SMS / Text Message credits that come with your monthly phone plan.

We will pay you $0.001 per SMS sent via your phone, Plus earn an extra $1.00 per referral and 25% from all of your referrals earnings.

In order for you to receive credit for your referrals they must click your unique referral link, then enter their country code and phone number on the landing page. If you do not see your referral appear in your Referral Stats, send an email to along with both your registered phone number and your referrals registered phone number, we can manually add the referral to your account, no worries.

Your unique referral link is found inside the bazuc app on your phone, click menu > tell a friend, then you will be able to choose an option of how to send your link.

Sorry, not available for iphone or apple devices yet, coming soon! Check back often!

No Longer available in the Google Play Store! Requires Android 2.2 and higher. WiFi, Edge, or 3G network connection required.


Version 3.3

November 3rd, 2013
  • NEWAffiliate program allowing users to earn 25% of their referrals earnings.
  • FIXVarious bug fixes

Version 3.1

November 1st, 2013
  • NEWNew interface
  • FIXVarious Bug Fixes

Version 1.0

Released on July 26th, 2013
  • NEWInitial Release


Bazuc - Earn Money, is the only App of it's kind. You DO NOTHING other than install the App, complete the registration and request a cash out once your balance is higher than $5.00.

Plus, we even give you a $1.00 first time sign up bonus, see details below.

How does it work and why do we pay you to install this App?

Simple answer: We pay you for your un-used local SMS, (local meaning within your own country).

This App is not for everyone, however if you're like most people, you don't use all of your monthly text messages that are in your monthly phone plan. Most mobile phone plans come with 1,500 to 3,000 monthly SMS and in some countries you can get unlimited monthly SMS.

Let's say you have just a small package with 1,500 monthly SMS, how many of those do you actually use each month? If you only use around 500 of your 1,500 monthly SMS, then sell us the extra 1,000 un-used SMS. Or if you have an unlimited SMS plan, then sell us 1,000 a day!

When you install the app you will be able to choose how many SMS you will allow us to send through your phone each day, you can choose from 10 to 1,000 daily. Go to the settings menu and select Max SMS per day and Max SMS per month and enter the amount of SMS you want to sell us daily and monthly.

We will pay you $0.001 per SMS that is sent through your phone, so you can earn up to $30.00 monthly for doing absolutely nothing but installing Bazuc - Earn Money on your Android phone.

$30.00 monthly isn't much but, if you're like most people than your monthly mobile phone bill is around $30.00 to $60.00, so essentially we'd be paying most of your monthly phone bill.

What do we do with your un-used SMS credits?

We have another App called "Bazuc - Free International SMS". This App allows users to send Free SMS to any country in the world, those SMS may be routed through your phone.

Example, I'm in Peru and want to SMS my friend in Australia, but my phone plan doesn't allow me to send international SMS, so i'd open Bazuc free international SMS and send from there. The message then goes to our server and finds an available Android device located in Australia that has installed "Bazuc - Earn Money" and will route the message through that phone. At which point the user in Australia would be credited $0.001 to their balance and the same thing for each SMS routed through their phone in the future.

You will never see any of these SMS going through your phone, it's all done in the background. The only thing you will see is that your balance will go up each time our server sends an SMS through your phone. Your balance will refresh each time that you open "Bazuc - Earn Money".

Our Promise to you.

  1. We monitor all traffic and guarantee not to allow spam.
  2. Your first time sign up bonus of $1.00 will be credited to your unpaid blance after we've sent only 1 SMS through your phone.
  3. We guarantee payment to be sent to your registered Paypal or Payza account when you have earned at least $5.00 or more and request a cash out.
  4. To request a chashout simply click the button cash out, if your balance is higher than $5.00 you will be allowed to cashout.
  5. We guarantee that we will not send a higher amount of SMS through your phone than the amount that you authorized in the settings menu.
  6. We guarantee to only route text messages through your phone that are intended to be delivered to your registered country.
  7. We guarantee not to sell your email address or phone number to anyone.
  8. We guarantee that you will not see any of the outbound SMS going through your phone that come from our servers.
  9. We guarantee that you will never have to click any ads or do anything other than install the App to earn money.
  10. Your balance never expires and you may cash out at any time you wish.

IMPORTANT: To earn money the App must be running, your phone turned on and you must be connected to WiFi / Edge or 3G/4G Network.

If your phone is off or you're not connected to the network... Don't worry, as soon as your turn your phone back on or reconnect to the network, make sure the App is running and you will start to earn money again.

You may turn on or off "Bazuc - Earn Money" any time that you wish, if it's on and you're connected, you will earn money.

IMPORTANT: Do Not install this app if you do not have unlimited or free national texting.

IMPORTANT: Your phone number will be displayed to the recipients of the messages that we send out. If you do not want your phone number displayed, do not install this app.

IMPORTANT: You may receive random texts or phone calls from people that you do not know. We try to block as many as we can, however we can not block them all.

IMPORTANT: Do not set your daily max limit too high, if you set it to more than 3000, your mobile provider may disconnect or cancel your service. We are not liable for this, nor are we liable if you go over your monthly usage plan with your mobile provider.



You may contact us about general business inquiries or to report bugs.